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Have a story worth telling? 

We are looking for original works with unique voices to produce in our season. While the goal is to produce new work, we cater to pieces that focus on people of color, women, LGBTQAA and people of poverty. Plays and screenplays now being accepted to be produced as a full production and/or screening in the Spring. Submissions will be accepted until  November 25th. Detailed instructions for submissions can be found below. 

Submission Instructions: 

            (1) Fill out the Submission Application, which can be found by                               clicking the Word Document Icon. 

            (2) Save the application as a PDF, with the title "SUBMISSION NAME'S               APPLICATION." 

            (3) Save the scripted work as a PDF. Be sure that the author's name is                 NOT on the PDF document. This is to ensure that the scripts are scored               and judged without any bias. 

            (4) Email the PDF Application, along with a PDF of the scripted work and             any other materials to

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