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Malcontent by Isaac Anderson
       Malcontent tells the story of Josh; a high school senior who has a broken relationship with his mother, lies to his father for college money, and has to face other problems with his friends, girlfriend, and school. As he begins to lose support he turns to drugs and becomes addicted to MXE (a dissociative hallucinogen). From this, a manifestation of the rebellious side of him emerges; Mal. As the play progresses, time and matter become fractured blurring the line of reality and fiction.

Away by Harold Hodge, Jr.
       Eleanor Wilson struggles to keep control of everything that should naturally stay with her forever; her passion, her maternal instinct and her memories. Through the eyes of Eleanor, who suffers from dementia, we travel through disjointed memories as she tries to pinpoint where she went wrong.

A WEEKEND OF WORKSHOPS was a festival-style event, that showcased the premiere of  three original works-in-progress.  

Make Believe by Erica Magrin
       Every child grows up. Shadow, an unfortunate imaginary friend, must face this fact when Emily, her creator, has grown up before her eyes. Through her memories of happiness and perhaps delusions of that happiness Shadow relives her days with Young Emily, her creator as a child, as she begins to realize that sometimes there is no choice but to let go of what you once loved. Emily struggles alongside her imaginary friend as she hopes to reunite with the delinquent mother who once abandoned her, just as Emily inadvertently abandoned Shadow in turn. Make-Believe is an original pla...y that explores the themes of loneliness, self-love, abandonment, family, friendship, the power of the mind, and letting go.


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