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Honored with the 1st Place Sarah Willis Award, Candyland is a story of lust, betrayal and a search for identity. Set in a dystopian future where everyone has been put in their “proper place” by an all-powerful Regime, Candyland serves as a cautionary tale of what a world without tolerance and acceptance can become. To escape the death sentence of a convicted homosexual, Lance takes refuge in an underground brothel. Here he meets Charlie, a sex worker who is in the midst of starting a revolution. 



Lance        Quinn Corcoran 

Charlie       Harold Hodge
Jameson May

Joyce         Nick Jeffs
China         Chris Darbassie
Ivory          Jamie Lowenstein
Ginger       Ryan Cook
Marcus      Jahiem Taylor

George      Samuel Ashby
Sir              Fernando Moya Delgado
Tailor          Marie Concetta
Radio Host Nick Kennedy
Ensemble  Sebastián Iturria

                   Kyle Best

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