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Fancy Maids 

A play by Harold Hodge Jr.


The year is 1853. Four women have sacrificed everything to escape the cruelties of American Slavery in the South. Determined to take agency over their own lives, they find themselves tempted by violence. 

Show Dates & Times

Performances will take place at the Teatro SEA Theater as a part of The Rave Theater Festival. 

August 9th - 9:15 PM 

August 11th - 3:15 PM 

August 14th - 9:15 PM 

August 17th - 6:45 PM 

August 24th - 7:00 PM 

About the Show

After narrowly escaping the horrors of slavery, Idabelle arrives to the North only to discover the Fugitive Slave Act has made it impossible for her to find honest work. With no other choice, she joins the women of Pinky's Pleasure House where she is confronted by a wealthy Southern-planter who finds the women-run business disturbing. After an intense altercation in the privacy of her room, Idabelle and the women are faced with a life-or-death dilemma that tests their morality and questions the value of revenge.

Cast & Creatives 

madeline-0534 - Madeline DeFreece.jpg
234E7060-986C-448D-87A4-2DFC55C9709E - E
Chinara Stroman
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